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OELTECHNIK France S.à R.L. is a company with a fixed capital of 3 000 000 €.

History :

Created in 1953, OELTECHNIK group owns several production sites :

  • Oeltechnik France in Munster
  • Oeltechnik GmbH in Waghäusel in Germany
  • Tubetech in Plauen in Germany

Know-How :

  • Lube oil consoles
  • Seal gas panels
  • Various gas skids
  • Heat exchangers
  • Filters
  • Oil demisters
  • Pressure vessels

Each unit is made in accordance with customer's specifications, codes and land rules. OELTECHNIK France has been ISO 9000, U-STAMP and PED 2014/68/UE certified for many years but is also able to meet the needs of all codes and various requirements existing all around the world.

Branch of industry :

Rotary engines manufacturers...

Such as gas and steam turbines, compressors, pumps, generators gears, fans… they are used as tools to "lubrificate, heat, cool, condense, filtrate…". Thus our products are able to integrate various industrial sectors, as well as :

  • petrochemical industry
  • oil and gas
  • offshore
  • chemistry
  • energy production (Thermal power plants, nuclear...)
  • cogeneration


OELTECHNIK-France is able to provide a complete range of studies and material selection. We can also supply original and appropriate solutions which are integrated in a larger general process.


Chemical processes often require temperature variations ; thanks to the production of a large and complete range of tubular heat exchangers we are able to meet the needs of chemical companies.

Our assets :

Thanks to the integration of our own components, and also to the size of our company, we can provide :

  • Competitive prices
  • Short and reliable delivery times
  • Upmarket and high quality products
  • Great flexibility
  • Original and appropriate solutions due to our wide experience and to our dynamic and skilled team of technicians, ingineers and experts

Specialists at your service

A specialized team is at your disposal to answer your requests. We study the specifications and respond in a timely manner in accordance with applicable regulations and codes.

lloyds certification iso 9000 certification   CE certification

The power of a group

The flexibility of a small company

Phone :

(+33) 3 89 77 52 52

Address :

Z.A. 68140 Munster, France

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