Specialist of lube oil consoles, seal gas panels, heat exchangers and pressure vessels


Quality, Efficiency, Competitivity



Our lube oil and seal oil consoles are designed and manufactured by unit according to :


  • International codes such as API 614, 610
  • Customer's specifications
  • A manufacturer standard (has to be discussed together)
  • Lube oil console flow : from 5 l/mn to 6000 l/mn
  • Lube oil console pressure : from 2 bars to 200 bar
  • Lube oil console weight : 40 000 kg and more


Setting in skid and packaging for pipes and pressure vessels :

Besides standard oil consoles OELTECHNIK-France also manufactures skids intended for multiple purposes such as :th_echangeur_3d

  • Filtration units
  • Processing of fuel
  • Feeding and conditioning water consoles…